Other Writing

Short Stories

Under the De Soto.” Fried Chicken and Coffee (May 2015).

“The Portable Son.” REAL: Regarding Arts & Letters 35.2 (2011).

“Crush.” Cimarron Review 177 (fall 2011).

“Popular Baggage.” Louisiana Literature 27.2 (2010).

High Cotton.” Fried Chicken and Coffee (September 2009).

“Timber Walking.” The Arkansas Review: A Journal of Delta Studies (2009).

Wilson: Runner.” nth position (January 2009).

Nightswimming.” [sic] magazine 4 (Summer 2008).

“Before My Life Went Dim.” The MacGuffin 29.1 (2002).


The Bass Guitar as a Mode of Being.” The Collapsar (May 2016).

My Disappearance.” Open Letters Monthly (January 2016).

Portrait of Bullwhip.” BULL (February 2015).

My Life as a Mannequin.” Open Letters Monthly (August 2013).

Lady Chatterley’s Brother: Why Nicholson Baker Can’t Write About Sex, and Why Javier Marías Can (with Scott Esposito). First of the “TQC Long Essays” series and published as ebook (October 2011).

Better Left Unfed: Consider the Lobster and the Late Nonfiction of David Foster Wallace.” The Quarterly Conversation 24 (Summer 2011).

“Goodbye, Arkansas.” The Colorado Review 37.3 (Fall/Winter 2010).

From Updike to Baker to Wallace: Under the Brief Shade of the Tuxedo Shop Awning.” The Quarterly Conversation 21 (Fall 2010).

My Life in Alumni Profiles.” The Quarterly Conversation (Winter 2008).

Sound of Myself.” The Quarterly Conversation (Spring 2008).

Howdy Neighbor.” The Quarterly Conversation (Winter 2006).

“Catch a Fire.” The Colorado Review 31.1 (2004).


The Lee Konstantinou Interview.” The Quarterly Conversation 28 (Summer 2012).

The David Gooblar Interview.” The Quarterly Conversation 27 (Spring 2012).

Every Morpheme Counts: The Sam Lipsyte Interview.” The Quarterly Conversation (March 2010).

An Interview with Michael Martone.” The Quarterly Conversation (August 2008).

Living Near the Wound: An Interview with Charles D’Ambrosio.” The Quarterly Conversation (Winter 2007).

Book Reviews and Selected Journalism

Sophia by Michael Bible.” The Quarterly Conversation 44 (Summer 2016).

The Givenness of Things by Marilynne Robinson.” The Quarterly Conversation 42 (Winter 2015).

American Exceptional: Updike by Adam Begley.” Open Letters Monthly (July 2015).

The Great Blacksby: The Sellout by Paul Beatty.” Open Letters Monthly (May 2015).

B & Me: A True Story of Literary Arousal by J.C. Hallman.” The Quarterly Conversation 39 (Spring 2015).

Short Tales on a Tight Rein: Bright Shards of Someplace Else by Monica McFawn.” Open Letters Monthly (January 2015).

Loitering: New and Collected Essays by Charles D’Ambrosio.” The Quarterly Conversation 38 (Winter 2015).

David Foster Wallace: The Last Interview.” The Quarterly Conversation 31 (Spring 2013).

Extraordinary Renditions by Andrew Ervin.” The Quarterly Conversation 24 (Summer 2011).

Make These Machines Mean: Overqualified by Joey Comeau.” The Quarterly Conversation 19 (Spring 2010).

The Ask by Sam Lipsyte.” The Quarterly Conversation 18 (Winter 2009).

Said and Done by James Morrison.” The Quarterly Conversation 17 (Fall 2009).

You Must Be This Happy to Enter by Elizabeth Crane.” The Quarterly Conversation (Spring 2009).

The Post-Office Girl by Stefan Zweig.” The Quarterly Conversation (Fall 2008).

Human Smoke: The Beginnings of World War II, the End of Civilization by Nicholson Baker.” The Quarterly Conversation (Summer 2008).

Cogito, Ergo Doom: Exit Ghost by Philip Roth.” The Quarterly Conversation (Fall 2007).

How to Feed the Monster: The Bear Bryant Funeral Train by Brad Vice.” The Quarterly Conversation (Summer 2007).

The Shape of Things to Come by Greil Marcus.” The Quarterly Conversation (Spring 2007).

The Heart of Blankness: The Secret River by Kate Grenville.” The Quarterly Conversation (Fall 2006).

The Belletristic Blues: The Din in the Head by Cynthia Ozick.” The Quarterly Conversation (Summer 2006).

Currently Engaged: The Brief and Frightening Reign of Phil by George Saunders.” The Quarterly Conversation (Spring 2006).

At this point I’m just trying to make this page have a long scroll and look really impressive.

“Voices Rising: Annual Author Conference Highlights Southern Sound.” Birmingham Weekly (17 – 24 Feb. 2005).

“Weekly Reader: Found by Davy Rothbart.” Birmingham Weekly (19 – 26 Aug. 2004).

“Heavy Metal Show: Space One Eleven Showcases Sloss Artists.” Birmingham Weekly (27 May – 3 June 2004).

“She Lives to Tell the Story: The Staged Storytelling of Dolores Hydock.” Birmingham Weekly (6 – 13 May 2004).

“Everybody Needs Proof: Prize-winning Play Offers Another Riff on Genius and Madness.” Birmingham Weekly (25 Sept. – 2 Oct. 2003).

“Remembering The Guys: 9/11 Show is Equal Parts Play and Memorial.” Birmingham Weekly (18 – 25 Sept. 2003).

“Growing Up Twice Over: Review of Pobby and Dingan by Ben Rice and The Gangster We Are All Looking For by lê thi diem thúy.” Birmingham Weekly (17 – 24 July 2003).

“In Limbo.” The Strip (4 – 20 July 2002).

“Filming Freedom Creek.” The Strip (20 June – 4 July 2002).


I have no idea how to classify these.

Coincidental Religion.” Posted over on Medium.

Time of Your Life.” Also posted over on Medium.

Ten Essential Southern Novels.” Conversational Reading.

Reading Resolutions, 2009.” Conversational Reading.

Friday Column: DFW, Reissued.” Conversational Reading.

Friday Column: Room Temperature.” Conversational Reading.

Friday Column: The Grove, Annotated.” Conversational Reading.

“Friday Column: Infinite Jest, Digested” Part 1; Part 2. Conversational Reading. (Should have done more of these.)

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